Centric Gear launches the "Competitor" gear bag!

Posted by Jennifer Duffy at

After five+ years of searching for that perfectly functional gear bag that can hold everything and not fall apart, the Centric team decided to design our own.  But we didnt want to design just any bag.  This bag not only had to be durable, functional and big, it also had to be 100% made in the USA.  No compromise.  

We approached our good friends at Honor Point USA, a local, disabled, veteran owned business, to manufacture our dream gear bag.  As always, their craftsmanship and attention to detail was impeccable resulting in a creation that is unparalled in the world of funtional fitness gear bags.  After many hours of design modifications, the Centric "Competitor" was born!  We are excited to launch our product line of customized gear bags and look forward to sharing our gear with everyone in the fitness world!  


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