Fitness Coaches

Coach Jen

Centric Coach Jen

Jennifer is the owner and manager of Centric Athletics.  Jennifer began her love of fitness as a competitive gymnast at a young age and by participating in organized school sports such as swimming and cross-country.  As a prior Law Enforcement professional, Jennifer understands the importance of maintaining a level of physical fitness in order to prevent injuries and to be prepared for violent encounters on the job or in everyday life.  Always seeking adventure, Jennifer has participated in adrenaline pumping activities such as rock climbing, adventure racing, running half marathons, skydiving (over 100 jumps), hunting and soloing in a Cessna 152.  Jennifer believes it is important to continuously challenge yourself by engaging in activities that stimulate your mind and body and ultimately keep us on the path to complete wellness.

In 2009, while seeking her next challenge, Jennifer discovered CrossFit and has found it to be one of the most effective ways to maintain an elevated level of fitness.  When she is not coaching, training for a half marathon, working out, or meal prepping, Jennifer enjoys spending time with family and trying to keep up with her three active daughters.  Jennifer is a NASM-CPT, CF-Level 2 Trainer, CF-Gymnastics Trainer and CF-Olympic Lifting coach. She is currently working on a certification in sports nutrition.

Coach Beau

Beau Johnston

Coach Beau grew up playing sports such as baseball, hockey, and basketball. As he grew older, he transitioned out of team sports and fell in love with surfing. In his early twenties, he was forced to move away from the ocean and live in Texas to attend culinary school which resulted in less physical activity and weight gain. After culinary school, Beau found himself extremely unhappy with his level of fitness and decided to move back to California where he could be near the ocean and pursue his other passions. Beau found fitness again and fell in love with functional fitness workouts which helped him to lose 100 lbs. This inspired him to become a personal trainer where he could help people like himself live a happier and healthier lifestyle. Eventually Beau found CrossFit and was hooked by the effectiveness of the workouts and hasn't looked back since.

Beau has been coaching for 12+ years and loves every minute of it. Through his own trials and challenges, Beau enjoys helping others overcome life’s obstacles through fitness.

When Beau is not coaching you can find him spending time with his family, in the ocean with his camera or board, or enjoying a craft beer!

CF-LVL 2, NASM CPT, NASM Performance Enhancement Specialist, NASM Corrective Exercise Specialist, Associates in Culinary Arts

Coach Zach

Centric Coach Zach

Coach Zach is an active-duty law enforcement professional in So Cal who is a 4-time SoCal Crossfit Regional Athlete, as well as a first place finisher at the 2014-15 Proving Grounds Reindeer Games.  Zach has been an avid athlete his entire life staying engaged in many team sports and is also a former collegiate baseball player.  In his spare time, Zach can be found out at the range shooting or at the river on his boat wakeboarding.


Coach Art

Centric Coach Art

Coach Art is a military veteran having proudly served his country as a U.S. Army 7th Special Forces Group Green Beret.  During his 12 years in the military, Art was deployed all around the world in support of U.S. operations.  While deployed and with limited training resources, Art had to rely on non-conventional training methods and equipment to stay in shape.  Green Beret’s are touted as being resourceful.  It is amazing what can be scrounged up at a forward operating base and used to get in a good workout (gas cans, drive shafts, truck tires, etc).

Growing up, Art enjoyed the one-on-one sport of wrestling, which he found he was very good at.  His passion for the sport led to him become one of the top wrestlers in the U.S. Army.  In addition to his position as a Tactical Fitness Instructor, Art is SGIs lead explosive breaching instructor, using the unique skill set he learned in the Army to teach local law enforcement SWAT Teams how to gain entry into fortified buildings.  When he has free time, Art enjoys lifting heavy and spending time with his son doing “manly” stuff.

Coach Charlie

Centric Coach Charlie

Charlie has always been an athlete and involved in both organized sports as well as individual fitness.  His ultimate fitness challenge came 27 years ago when he decided to join the U.S. Navy and become a Navy SEAL. While Charlie was on active duty he was an avid fitness enthusiast.  Charlie managed the Advanced Training Commands Tactical Athlete Program (TAP) towards the end of his career.  While managing the TAP program he achieved a Crossfit Level 1 certification and worked alongside fitness experts that ran and developed one of the finest sports fitness programs in all of the Military.  Today Charlie continues to train in his post-military life.  Charlie’s main passion is open ocean long distance swimming, and you will find Charlie swimming from Alcatraz Island to San Francisco once a year as well as many other annual swims.